Ashia  Ackov 

Who Am I?

     No one. Everything. Something. Depends on who you ask I suppose. I am just a girl who enjoys music. My mother said when I was in diapers, I used to sing a song word for word. I guess it has always been a passion but I have only recently had the courage to share my voice and lyrics with the world. To me, music is poetry and the music inspires/invokes what I put on paper.

     Music is a soundtrack in your life, my life has many moods and that is what you will find in my music. Jazz, Dance, Samba, Romance, & Chill Vibes.  All of those things are who I am on any given day.  I hope you enjoy lo-fi, acoustic, natural,  & raw sounds because that is what I bring. Yes, I have a quiet lush voice but my passion roars like a lion. 

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